Eaku Bo (Oar)


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The Eaku Bo, or oar, handcrafted by Shureido brand on Okinawa, Japan is at once a training tool and a near work of art, optimized for kobudo practitioners.

Each premium Eaku Bo is beautifully hand-carved for perfect balance.  The Okinawa red oak is a deep reddish-brown with contrasting unique grain patterns; no two are alike.  The Shjiya Japanese beech model is a soft, almost mystical, white with subtle grain patterns.

Both are 67″ long and marked with Shureido brand logo.  The blade is smooth on one side and perfectly angled on the other.  Blade width gently tapers from approximately 3.25″ at the base to approximately 3″ at the tip.

Either is an investment that is sure to give you a lifetime of service and pride of ownership in your perpetual journey toward kobudo excellence.

Each is shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Okinawa Red Oak, Japanese Beech (Shijiya)


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