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Shureido Sai

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Own a piece of Shureido history!  The chrome version of this sai has been discontinued due to restrictions in Japan on the processing chemicals for the chrome finish.  To our knowledge, these are the last available chrome sai in North America and we have just a few 16.5" left!  If you prefer the natural (black) finish, we have the 16.5" version in stock and ready to ship. 

We apologize if the size you prefer is not in stock.  Please check back often as we are constantly in contact with Shureido -USA and will update the website as soon as inventory is confirmed. Arigato

Original Okinawan Weapons of Self-Defense


Made in Okinawa, Japan
Deluxe Okinawan sai
Octagonal, perfectly balanced, hand made

Available in natural (black) and chrome

String grip, purple or black string on natural.  Black string on chrome.

Case included