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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Patience in Training:  We were doing lunging rolls on the floor mats the other night, and I noticed that there were a few students getting frustrated because they weren’t able to do a correct floor roll.  This frustration coming after only about three lessons.  Too often students expect too much of themselves, or worse, instructors expect too much of your students.  We see naturals pick up a new skill quickly and wonder why we cannot do the same.  Keep in mind that unless we are a natural at some skill – which is only a very small percentage of any group – it will take time and practice to pick it up.  Remember that when you learn something new, it is just that, “new.”  Don’t expect to be able to do it well immediately.  But if you continue to practice it is guaranteed that you will get better at it.  Just give yourself time and patience.  And don’t worry about those around you; some may pick up the skill faster than you, others slower; in either case the only thing that matters is you.  

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Bullying. If you are a parent looking for a good way to teach your younger students about bullying (and this should be any parent reading this), I highly recommend that you utilize the book Quiet Voice, Loud Voice to do so. This is an amazing book, with amazing illustrations, that effectively tells a youngster in a story format about the dangers of bullying but with a very positive tone, and with practical action steps. If the child is into martial arts, the karate back drop of the story only adds to its effectiveness. The general theme of the story is really essential information for all kids up to about 12-years old.

Sunday, May 1, 2016
And a third and final reason--at least for this blog for a little while--why tournament participation is an important aspect of your martial arts experience.
Recall that through today we mentioned that tournaments provide a driven purpose to train and a tournament really focuses your training to the two core efforts of kata and sparring.  Additionally, tournament develops the mindset of...
Victory—Any true martial arts school trains you to win battles, to be victorious in any conflict or struggle.  It could be a test, a job interview, or recovering from and illness, or...battle in the form of a competitive tournament.  The tournament is one time in our training where victory, to be #1, is the goal.  This is one time when the you can temporarily place aside humility and commit yourselves to the single goal of taking first place in whatever event you are competing in.  

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Another reason why tournament participation is an important aspect of your martial arts experience.
Focused Training—All martial arts are very much multi-faceted disciplines.  You must master hand, food and elbow techniques, your sets, your kata, weapons, stances, self-defense, and the list goes on.  That is why it takes years--a lifetime-- of practice. But tournaments serve to focus your training only on a single kata/set/form and sparring for the period leading up to the tournament.  It would be like a mechanic only concentrating on the transmission repair for several months.  At the end of that period she would be more skilled in transmission repair that if she worked on all aspects of automobile repair, and in the end be an overall better mechanic.  By refining your focus for the period leading up to the tournament on just a single kata and your sparring, you will become an overall better martial artist.   

Sunday, April 4, 2016
A few words about martial arts tournaments.  Competition is a critical part of martial arts training.  We think so for at least three reasons.  Here's the first:

Driven purpose—be sure and look for a school that emphasizes the importance of driving yourself to your personal best. To ensure that today you are better than yesterday.  To do this, it often helps to have a specific, near-term goal to pull one to a new level of skill.  The tournament serves that purpose. If you are serious about winning first place, that driven purpose of being the best in competition that a tournament provides can truly have a long term positive effect on your overall martial arts skills.  

Sunday, March 13, 2016
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